Shlichut is a Hebrew word meaning “outreach” or to send out.  As a shaliach represents a person or organization, we accept the calling to represent Messiah Yeshua to our world (Matthew 5:16).  The outreach ministry of Kehilat Ariel is broad-based including such diverse projects as humanitarian aid, feeding the homeless, sponsoring an outreach music/dance concert and many projects internationally as well.  Whether it involves a mitzvah project or proclaiming Yeshua, we most gladly share the good things God has blessed us with through Messiah.  Listed below are some specific programs of our synagogue that you should be aware of.  We invite your participation through prayer, social action and financial support of these important outreaches.  Who knows, maybe you will join them as a shaliach yourself?

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Messiah TV

This is a creative talk show approach hosted by Lety Levy. You will recognize some of the guests! Shows include a wide-range of topics from studies in Judaism, Scripture and the Jewish context of our faith in Yeshua as Mashiach. Pass it on to a friend!

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Holocaust Survivors

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