A central focus of Kehilat Ariel is Torah (instruction) from all areas of the Holy Scriptures (Torah/Prophets/Writings/New Covenant).  There is a strong need for balanced and detailed teaching today from the messianic Jewish perspective.  It is vital that we study the Scripture seeking to understand its original Jewish context and background.  Special regard is given to exploring Jewish culture, traditions and history in order to fully grasp the original intent of the the writers.   There are numerous opportunities weekly to study and experience a fresh Jewish perspective on the entire Scriptures.  Listed below are a sample of some informative teachings by Rabbi Barney Kasdan and other guest rabbis. Many additional teachings can be accessed via the link below.   As King David said “How I love Your Torah!” (Psalm 119:97)  Enjoy!

Weekly Adult Classes:

  • Parasha Class (Shabbat 9:00 – 10:00 am)  This is an overview of the weekly synagogue reading from the Torah and the Prophets.  Led by a team of KA leaders.
  • Messianic Jewish Institute of San Diego (Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm) This class provides an in-depth study on various topics from Jewish history, culture and Bible.  Taught by Rabbi Kasdan and other accredited instructors.  For fees and details, click on MJI.


Purpose & Goals
Since 1981, Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue has ministered to the Jewish community as well as the Christian community regarding the Jewish roots of the New Testament faith in Yeshua.As the Messianic Jewish community has continued to grow, many felt the need for further instruction in the Jewish roots of the Scriptures, both Tenach and New Covenant.It is for this purpose that the Messianic Jewish Institute of San Diego was founded in 1998.The Institute provides a comprehensive educational program specializing in the area of Jewish studies as it relates to the Bible.The goal of these studies is to equip students to have a fuller understanding of their personal faith and to strengthen their walk with Messiah.Likewise, the Institute provides a program of studies to prepare future leaders within the Messianic Jewish movement either as rabbis, leaders or lay workers.Whether you feel a call to full time ministry or simply want to enhance your personal spiritual growth, the Messianic Jewish Institute of San Diego offers a distinctive program to take you forward in your walk with Yeshua.Join us for these exciting classes as we rediscover the fullness of our heritage in the Messiah!

Rabbi Barney Kasdan
Executive Director


The MJISD offers an 18-course program that gives a comprehensive understanding of the faith in Yeshua from a Jewish perspective. Most courses are in a 21-hour format to dig deeply into the selected topic. Likewise, there are periodic 8-hour intensive, one-day classes that allow the student to concentrate their time on a given topic. There are two levels of certificates offered through the MJISD. One is a €œCertificate of Messianic Jewish Studies€ which is awarded upon completion of 10 of the courses. The other is tied to the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) as some of the classes may be applied towards their TOVAH Institute Program. The 18 core courses are as follows:

Torah: A Messianic Perspective
Messianic Jewish Apologetics : Reasons To Believe
Former Prophets : Joshua – II Kings
Introduction to Talmud
Later Prophets : Isaiah – Malachi
Messianic Jewish Theology I & II
The Holy Writings : Psalms – II Chronicles
Holy Days & Customs
The Gospels in Their Jewish Context
Biblical Archaeology
Acts: Messianic Jewish History
Messianic Jewish Leadership
The Epistles in Their Jewish Context
Hermeneutics : Tools For Study
Jewish History from Talmudic Times to  Messianic Prophecy > Modern Israel
Israel and Future Events
Biblical Hebrew>

In addition to these core courses, there are various electives offered in Jewish studies and Bible.  Check the Kehilat Ariel website weekly bulletin for the current classes.


All the courses of the MJISD are taught by credentialed, Messianic Jewish leaders who bring years of experience and a unique insight into the understanding of the Scriptures in its Jewish context. Those who have presented classes include:

Rabbi Barney Kasdan (M.Div.), Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue, San Diego, CA
Dr. David Friedman, former Dean at Israel College of the Bible, Jerusalem, Israel.
Dr. John Fischer, Rosh Yeshiva Netzer David, Clearwater, FL
Rabbi Jamie Cowen (M.A.) Israel
Dr. Stuart Dauermann, Interfaithfulness, Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Leonard Zoll, retired Reform rabbi, San Diego, CA

Course Fees and Auditing

Individual Course Costs: $60 plus books and materials (21-hour class)
$40 plus books and materials (8-hour class)
Audit (non-credit): $30 plus books and materials (21-hour class)
$20 plus books and materials (8-hour class)

*Classes for UMJC credit are higher. Spouses are ½ price. Childcare is provided. Pay schedules may be arranged to accommodate the financial need of individual students.

Correspondence Course Study

Many of the classes are available for off-site study through CD or online programs. Contact the office for further information.

Whether you are Jewish or not, a believer or seeker, we invite you to grow in your understanding of the Jewish foundations of both the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the New Covenant. Contact our office for information on upcoming classes.

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