Date: September 28, 2019 ()

Bible Text: John 21:15-17, John 21:20-25 |


Rabbi Yeshua addresses his Talmidim with questions that would stir their minds.  After forgiving Shim‘on Kefa and reinstating him, Rabbi Yeshua asks ‘Do you love these more than me?”  Yeshua asks a universal question regarding our relationship with god.  And the kind of love we have for god, Agape or Phileo?  This scripture has us ask ourselves what are we willing to sacrifice, will we ask for forgiveness, will we repent, will we have faith, and will we forgive god?  All of these aspects of our relationship with God, we need to reflect on during this High Holiday so we can be forgiven.  But the most important message form this scripture is regardless of we are in our relationship with God, he loves us.

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